Titan Capital owns assets across the southeastern United States. Ownership states include TN. KY. GA. SC. NC. AL. & FL. Titan Capital leverages amazing local partners to reposition, operate, and develop commercial real estate.

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Tristar Storage Facility

Mount Juliet TN

210 Units

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The Metro

Murfreesboro TN.

32 Units

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The Delilah Lofts

29 Units

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The 902

Murfreesboro TN.

93-unit property located in Murfreesboro, TN. Titan Capital purchased this asset entirely with owner financing, leveraging 3.5% interest with 4 years of IO.

$8,300,000 Purchase Price. 506b Syndication

Current Valuation: $15,500,000

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Nightingale Holdings

Louisville, KY.

Units: 65

IRR: 24%

65 Units. Louisville KY. 506B syndication.

Tremendous deferred maintenance. Below market rents. Class C asset in a class B neighborhood. Owned by a non-profit organization that had neglected operational efficiencies.

Currently leasing units $200+ over rents at takeover.


SOLD: 65 Units

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Hampton Apartments

64 Units Greenville NC

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Titan Capital Headquarters

Nashville TN

McKnight Dr. is a 10,000 sq foot office building that serves as the Titan Capital Group HQ.

The building was purchased leveraging a community bank loan and is located in Murfreesboro TN.

If you have ever heard of the term house hacking. That is essentially what we are doing here. The 4,600 sq foot space on the first floor is leased to an insurance company. That lease pays for the mortgage. Titan Capital and its sister companies occupy the second floor. Come check us out!

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The Ave

Nashville TN

The Ave Nashville is a motel conversion project right outside the major MSA Nashville TN.

About 8 minutes from Downtown The Ave will be a destination for all traveling to the city.

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Suber Park

25,000 sq ft. commercial property located in Columbia SC.

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Stanton Apartments

60 Units Greenville NC.

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Anchor Place

Clarksville TN

Anchor Place is a 5 unit stabilized retail plaza in Clarksville TN.

Titan Capital purchased this 2000’s asset completely with owner financing. 90% owner note held with 5 years Interest Only.

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Patriot Park
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Knight Rd.

Huntsville, ALA.

Increase in Valuation: 46%

IRR: 26%

This was a huge value add deal. With 80% vacancy upon takeover. A six-figure renovation yielded a high cash-flowing property upon turnover.

Financed with community bank debt.

Exited 2020.

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Ringgold Road

Chattanooga TN

Increase in Valuation: 54%

Units: 27

IRR: 35%

Ringgold Road is a 27 Unit building.

This asset was a direct-to-seller purchase. We leveraged bank debt and seller financing to purchase this property with just 10% out of pocket. The asset was being neglected by an out of state owner, during due diligence we uncovered massive stealing from the manager that was on site. Nobody was on leases and everyone was paying the manager cash. We repositioned this property and forced a lot of appreciation simply through getting everyone up to date on market rate leases.

SOLD: 27 Units

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Summit Street

Chattanooga, TN

Increase in Valuation: 76%

Units: 49

IRR: 30%

Summit Street was purchased off-market- direct-to-seller. We obtained a Fannie Mae loan to purchase.

Mom and Pop owner and units were well below market rates. Renovated 40% of units and re-leased at a $300/month premium.

SOLD: 49 Units

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