Chad believes in abundance and that the universe will make room for ALL those willing to take action and put in the consistent effort required to attain wealth. Read below or watch the video for more information on Chad’s various forms of coaching.

If you are looking for a tribe to be a part of on your journey, look no further. 7 Figure Multifamily is a commercial real estate mastermind with over 100 other top-level investors across the country. All sharing information and resources to help each other acquire financial freedom. We leverage the power of many to find and fund great commercial real estate deals. If you are interested in the group or what it has to offer check us out at






Winning at Sales and Negotiations is the underlying theme of Chad’s journey. There Is Nothing More Important in Today’s World Than Being Able to Communicate Effectively. The skill of asking the right questions at the right time and knowing how to influence emotional frameworks will allow you and your business to skyrocket.

Most people have a negative connotation of “sales”, they have in their mind the pushy car salesman or telemarketers ringing you constantly. Instead, great salespeople are at the helm of all the wealth and prosperity on this planet. And having great salespeople in your organization is essential for success.

Chad has worked with companies all over the country to train and optimize their sales staff. Focusing on growing their pipeline, polishing their questioning techniques, and teaching the principles of tactical empathy and emotional intelligence. Chad will work with you and/or your sales team to load your business with new qualified opportunities. And help close more deals. There are requirements for this coaching and limited availability. Grab a quick discovery call to find out more.



Private coaching/mentorship can be one of the best investments you can make. Chad and His Wife Jen Spend Six Figures Annually On Their Coaches & Mentors. Since before marriage, they have been conducting weekly money meetings where they discuss their assets/liabilities columns and talk about investments they are making.

They thoroughly enjoy helping other couples gameplan their wealth strategy. If you and your spouse are looking to level up your personal financial statement reach out for a quick strategy call with Chad & Jen. They only mentor a handful of couples annually, and there are requirements to qualify for the coaching.

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