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Welcome to Titan Capital Group

About Us

Titan Capital Group seeks direct investment opportunities in appreciating, cash-flowing multifamily properties. By purchasing value-add properties below replacement value and creating significant equity and operating margins we achieve our primary goal of protecting & multiplying investor capital. We then employ operational and management strategies to create stable, maximized returns over the life of the project and upon disposition. Our “For Purpose” initiatives at these communities help the residents and the investors give back to the world. 

Why This Asset Class

Increased economies of scale and efficiency compared to single family rentals.

Monthly cash flow, and the ability to add multiple streams of income through appropriate fees and amenities.

The ability to force appreciation through improving the operating performance of the property.

Tax advantages of real estate on a larger scale.

The U.S population is moving from a nation of buyers to a nation of renters.

Our Process

Meet The Team

Chad King

Chad is an investor, business owner, coach/trainer and entrepreneur.

Bill Allen

Bill Allen, a Navy pilot and real estate professional, is the CEO and owner of 7 Figure Flipping .

Nate Johnson

Nate Johnson is a former law enforcement officer turned full time real estate investor. He serves as the COO for Titan Capital Group where he currently oversees all of the day to day operations for the company.

Our Portfolio